Japan – The Planet of Orthodoxy

JAPAN – The Planet of Orthodoxy (English Subtitles)

A few minutes of Episode “Japan” from the film
12 x 44 min, Documentary, 2008
Production: Orthodox Encyclopedia
Distributor: Tritona Studio (http://www.tritonafilm.ru)

12 Storytellers and 12 directors
Filming locations: over 40 countries among them Russia, Finland, USA, Egypt, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, Syria, Georgia, Israel, Poland, Tanzania, and other countries.

The cycle was created simultaneously by several creative teams on different continents, in many countries. Each of the series – its storyteller: widely known and loved in Russia actors Irina Kupchenko, Nicholas Burlyaev, Nikolai Dobrynin, Boris Korchevnikov, Ilya Noskov and others.

Heroes of the cycle – Ethiopian shepherds, Japanese clerks, former American hippies, farmers, priests and patriarchs …

Crews of the documentary “Planet of Orthodoxy”, passed around the world, are tolling the audience about the history and geography of the Orthodox Church, our spiritual family, living in different countries and continents, but close to us in the most important matters of faith, hope and love . This is a story about the shrines and miracles of the local Orthodox Churches, their characteristics and the accumulated spiritual treasures.

Twelve films, as twelve apostles sent on the sermon in all parts of the earth, to the different people, come back to the spectator to testify polyphony and a variety of languages with which the True of Orthodoxy speaks today with mankind.