Dolphin and Dog

Dolphin and Dog – Song of the Seas by Vangelis.

“Zeus and Roxanne” 1992, mixed with some pieces
out of the movie: “Spinner Dolphins”.
I choosed my favorite music by Vangelis:
“Song of the Seas”.
About the origional movie: Zeus the pooch and Roxanne the dolphin are able to communicate with one another. Working together they change the life of those around them. The dog is a Portuguese Podengo. Around the 15th century, the breed was used aboard ships to catch vermin. They traveled everywhere with the Portuguese, they even sailed with the ships of Christopher Columbus.
For the video: ‘Free Willy” about the friendship between an Orca and a Boy, click:
In my opinion there’s nothing on this earth
to be prized more than true friendship…
“Let’s be friends…
If they can do it, then so can we…”
With love, Ine

God’s dolphin came to me last night –
I dreamt it rescued me!
It came to help me in my plight
As I was in the sea!

No other soul appeared in view…
Yet loneliness was gone!
Once God had told it what to do
I wasn’t on my own!

The dolphin smiled, extending love,
And helped to ease my mind…
Instinctively I reached above
And left my fears behind!

As I held on, it led the way,
From open sea to shore…
Then other dolphins came to play –
They thrilled me to the core!

Thus tears of joy began to fall,
Replenishing my faith!
By grace, God heard my plaintiff call
And sent a friend to save!

Now near the beach I swam the rest…
Then turned and blew a kiss…
I prayed the dolphins would be blessed,
For they had brought such bliss!

Then off they went, still leaping high –
Their joy of life’s unique!
Though water-bound, they yearned to fly,
Another friend to seek!
Author Denis Martindale